Are you ready to hang out and work with other like-minded creators of our unique DNX COMMUNITY in a pretty little remote village of Brazil? Enjoy Sun, Ocean & Beach and work on your business at the same time!


Join us!
DNX CAMP Jericoacoara ✰ Brazil | October 2017

October 2 – 11, 2017 ✰ 10 days ✰ 15 Digital Nomads ✰ DNX Talks ✰ Workshops ✰ Mastermind Day ✰ Work on your personal and business goals ✰ Grow as a person ✰ Goal Check-In ✰ Coworking ✰ Networking ✰ Sports activities ✰ Healthy lifestyle ✰ Private DNX beach villa ✰ Make new friends for life ✰ Sun, Fun and more…

 The DNX CAMP in Jericoacoara

Why should I join?

Do you want to work location independent from the most beautiful places in the world? You want to build up your own online business but can’t find any supportive people around you?

JOIN US! The DNX Camp in Jeri will be perfect for you!

10 days of co-living, coworking, networking, fun activities and personal growth. Meet interesting people from our DNX COMMUNITY, work and play together. Live a healthy lifestyle, get inspired by the unique DNX spirit and take your business to the next level!

You will spend your time with other digital nomads in an awesome location surrounded by sun, sea and beautiful beaches. And you will find incredible motivation and inspiration for your online business!

  • Networking > You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with
  • Be part of the DNX movement > We shape the future of work
  • Take your business to the next level
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Grow personally
  • Learn new skills
  • Escape the city
  • Get inspired
  • Explore

What about the business program?

Barcamp style: The camp will host a series of talks and workshops by and with participants.
We will also host a Mastermind Day, you will have goal check-ins and you will be working with a goal buddy on your personal and business goals.

A typical day - What to expect

  • Start the day with morning yoga/sport sessions
  • Delicious and healthy buffet breakfast
  • Work and Play!
  • Network and expand your connections
  • Join workshops
  • Attend talks from key speakers or host your own talk
  • Go to the ocean for a kite- or windsurfing sessions or learn kite-/windsurfing
  • Have fun with lots of other inspiring and like-minded people
  • Swing in the hammock
  • Repeat above until you feel hungry or thirsty

Can we have some fun?

Jericoacoara offers a range of fun water sports and recreational activities.
You can get relaxing massages, go on excursions in the sand dunes or to lagoons.
You can do some wind surfing, kite surfing and surf.
You can go to dance classes, yoga and zumba. Do horseback riding, beach volley ball and learn capoeira.
You can enjoy live music, learn Portuguese, watch the sunset from the famous ''Duna Por do Sol''.
Jeri has everything you need and you won't want to leave !

Where do I sleep?

At the beach...:). No. We have a beautiful villa nearby the beach. Perfect for a morning run/yoga/swim at the beach! You will be lodged in 2 or 3 person rooms. You almost have an ocean view from the camp, the location is perfect, close to everything, but far enough from the parties so it's quiet at night.
We love small places with a unique vibe, this is why Jericoacoara is the perfect DNX location.

What is included in the price?

  • 10 days DNX CAMP
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • Delicious and healthy breakfast buffet every morning, also with vegan options
  • DNX talks, workshops and mastermind day to take your business to the next level
  • Day trip to the Tatajuba Lagoon
  • DNX Community (priceless)
  • All Day: Free drinking water
  • Daily Yoga sessions

Prices per person (excl. VAT)

Huge lounge, balcony & hammocks
Shared room (3 single beds) w/ bathroom
Double room (2 single beds) w/ bathroom
Single private room w/ bathroom


Spots are selling out quickly

  • Shared room (3 single beds) w/ bathroom797€
  • Double room (2 single beds) w/ bathroom897€
  • Single private room w/ bathroom1,197€


Limited spots

  • Shared room (3 single beds) w/ bathroom997€
  • Double room (2 single beds) w/ bathroom1,097€
  • Single private room w/ bathroom1,397€


*You can book the water sports activity like kitesurfing, windsurfing or surfing additionally


Kitesurfing (not included in the DNX CAMP price)

Do you want to learn to kitesurf?
We will help you find and arrange kitesurf classes with one of the selected local kite schools.
Do you already know how to kitesurf but need to rent gear? We will provide you with a list of good kite rentals in Jeri.
Are you coming with your own kite gear? Consider kites with sizes in between 6 and 10m, the best is to have a set like 6 and 8m or 7 and 9m, etc.

The DNX CAMP in Jeri is perfect for you, if you want to…

  • Meet new people! Don't forget: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
  • Be part of the DNX movement and our awesome community. We shape the future of work!
  • Start your business or take your business to the next level
  • Live a healthy lifestyle – for more power and energy
  • Grow personally
  • Learn new skills and share your know-how
  • Get inspired and creative in amazing surroundings

The booking procedure

  • 1.

    Choose your accommodation

    Click on "Book now" and fill in the booking form. There you can also choose your accommodation style.

  • 2.


    You get a confirmation of your booking from us together with an invoice.

  • 3.


    As soon as you paid the invoice, your spot is confirmed.

Yes! I want to join...

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer Coworking & Coliving CAMPS all over the world: Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Morocco, Egypt, Greece and Portugal. 100 % of our participants loved the experience, lessons and connections they made. Many of our participants join again and again for our CAMPS. If you share our values like freedom and a healthy lifestyle and want to start or grow your business, our DNX CAMPS are definitely for you, and we are 100% sure that you will love it.


 The DNX Camp Jeri is not the right event for you if...

  • You have no own business and you have no desire to start your own business.
  • You are not really interested in traveling and working location independent.
  • You find your 9 to 5 job completely satisfying.
  • You’re not ready to take part in practical and motivating workshops.
  • You don’t feel any motivation for personal development.
  • You are not interested in sharing your knowledge or learning from CAMP participants.
  • You are looking for traditional holidays.

Who will be there?

Here’s your chance! Do you want to hang around with other digital nomads in our unique DNX Community in a beautiful remote village in Brazil with sun and ocean?

Yes! I definitely want to join...

It pushed my personal limits

  • Annie Kreb, Germany Annie Kreb, Germany Blogger, Rainbow Feelings
    17 different people, 10 days, 1 passion - the DNX CAMP in Jericoacoara has been a life changing experience for me. The DNX CAMP has been full of interesting talks, mastermind sessions, workshops and coworking, which wasn’t only an amazing experience but also helped me to grow my business faster, push my personal limits and make wonderful friendships with people from all over the world.

Surrounded by liked-minded lovers of freedom

  • Mike Gurevich, Bulgaria Mike Gurevich, Bulgaria Founder @
    For me, all of the DNX camps I've attended have been an ongoing stream of moving from peak-experience to peak-experience. You'll be surrounded by like-minded lovers of freedom who act on their passions. This creates a powerful context of "YES!" that propels the entire group into higher realms of possibility. And that's just the beginning. You'll also be surrounded by immense natural beauty and a series of adventures carefully designed to bring out the best in you and your new friends. You don't know what will happen from there. I'd totally recommend this experience for you, if you got this far, to read this testimonial. Have the experience. 🙂  Enjoy

It was a life changing event !

  • Sérgio Fernandes, Portugal Sérgio Fernandes, Portugal Founder of Digital Nomads Portugal community
    Be apart of the DNX Camp in Jericoacoara was one of the most amazing things I’ve done! The people, the workshops, the sports and the way Marcus, Feli and Miriam created that nomad, entrepreneur and networking environment was great! I’ve met so many nice people there, worked on my projects and created new business ideas on how to expand my portfolio, thanks to all those talks between the activities with all the people around! It is a life changing event!

About us

We are totally happy that you have found your way to DNX. We are Marcus Meurer and Felicia Hargarten, passionate digital nomads who started the global DNX movement. We organize the biggest events for location independent entrepreneurs all over the world.

The DNX - Digital Nomad Conference is hosted in German, English and Spanish.

We live and work 100% location independent from anywhere in the world. Mostly we are in Southeast Asia, Brazil and Southern Europe. During our trips we regularly organize Coworking & Coliving Camps at the most exciting places worldwide.

Do you have any questions?

  • q-iconWill there be reliable wifi at the Camp?

    The wifi network at the Camp can easily handle ordinary usage (i.e. mail / file exchange, basic streaming, upload and download). However if you are looking to do heavy uploads and downloads of large files (e.g. HD videos), this may pose a problem for the network so please be warned.

  • q-iconIs transport to Jericoacoara from my home city included in the price?

    No. We have participants from all over the world attending the Camp so it would be a nightmare logistically if we were to arrange individual flights, boat trips, etc for each and every one of you.

  • q-iconWhat is the best way to get to Jeri?

    The closest airport is Fortaleza (FOR). If you are coming from Europe, check TAP for flights via Lisbon or Condor for flights via Frankfurt. From the airport you can either take a bus to Jeri or a private transfer. After your DNX CAMP spot is confirmed, you will receive more detailed infos.

  • q-iconDo I need a Visa for Brazil?

    US citizens: do need a Visa, so please make sure you apply for it early enough. Here is more information for US citizens concerning the Visa.
    Germans: don’t need a Visa and can stay up to 90 days in Brazil. Simply fill out an immigration card, which you will get in the airplane. Your passport has to be valid for at least another 6 months. For more information check this link.
    For all the other nationalities: please check the Visa requirements for your country.

  • q-iconWhere can I get cash in local currency?

    Jeri is still kind of a hippie village, which you can see since there is NO CASH MACHINE in town! So when you arrive at the airport, make sure to take enough cash for the whole time you are there! The easiest way is to get cash with your bank card or credit card. Depending on your nationality and card you might have to try a few different cash machines from the different banks to find out which one works for you. If you really run out of money in Jeri, you will have to take the public transport to Jijoca, which is around a 1-hour-ride, go to the bank there – which not always has cash – and then make your way back to Jeri. So better take enough cash with you at the airport. You can pay with your credit card in pretty much every store in Jeri but there will be fees for each transaction made.

  • q-iconI am interested in presenting / hosting a workshop during the Camp. Can you tell me more about how this will work?

    Sure. Firstly, thank you for wanting to share your skill/knowledge with everyone at the Camp (we most definitely encourage this!). We will be in touch with all confirmed participants closer to the date of the Camp to find out more information about potential presentations / workshops. Please let us know in advance if you are interested, and we will be in touch with you!

  • q-iconI have special dietary requirements. Do I need to let you know before the start date of the Camp?

    Yes, please let us know as soon as possible so we have ample time to make the necessary arrangements.

  • q-iconTell me more about the “fun activities” listed on the site

    The fun activities are activities that you can do in Jeri and around, but are not included in the package. We listed them on our site for you to see and are there merely for you to get an idea of other things you could potentially do during your stay if you wish to. We don’t have individual information on the prices of each of those activities unfortunately as they are not strictly part of our DNX CAMP. That said, we can help you organise those activities once we are all there!

  • q-iconDo I need to bring any specific equipment/clothes for kitesurfing?

    It’s advisable to bring a good sunscreen, preferably an SPF 50, since the sun is very strong. If you don’t have your own kitesurf equipment you can rent one once you’re there or if you take kitesurf lessons, the equipment is included. It’s best if you have a rashguard with long sleeves, not because of the cold but because the sun is really strong and the sunscreen, no matter how high, will wash off in no time. For the girls who want to kitesurf: you can do it in a Bikini but again we would advise you to take some short of boardshorts with you and a rashguard, if you have those already. But you can also buy all that stuff in Jeri, if you don’t have the time to organize it beforehand.

  • q-iconI have other questions not mentioned here. Who do I contact?

    Please direct any further questions to

  • q-iconWhere can I find the Terms & Conditions

    They are right here. Terms & Conditions

  • q-iconWhich other DNX CAMPS do you offer?

    You can find all our DNX CAMPS here.