Jasper Rippers left his finance career in 2010 and has since been traveling the world non-stop, as documented on his travel blog.

He’s an Amazon Best Selling Author, a podcast host and has been featured on many media outlets including Men’s Health and the BBC. He is a Udemy instructor and has published over 10 courses.


Libby Tucker – “My goal is to help people live and work from anywhere by giving resources, experiences, and anecdotes on LiveWorkAnywhere.com, Anywhere Startups, and Anywhere Passport (AnyPass) —the three places you will find all of the information you need to help give you a profitable revenue stream and ease the transition of making the leap.

My passion is to help unchain people from their normal lives, from their perceived obstacles, from their desk jobs and corporate jail cells, to be free to travel the world, and to be able to live and work from anywhere.

My approach to life and business is simple: the more you venture out, the more you experience, and the more you accomplish. Don’t let anything limit you and don’t let anyone dictate your life or enslave you. Make a commitment to live intentionally.”


Joe Goerbert runs a business plan writing service (www.brainhive.de) and a digital marketing agency (www.brainhive-ethical-marketing.com). With a total of 5 years experience in remote work and 3 years of being fully nomadic, his goal is to grow much further still professionally and while doing so create opportunities for like-minded folk around the world to escape the mill and recover their actual, freedom-loving self.

“I participated in two camps, Lisbon 2015 and Jericoacoara 2015. The former was a powerhouse of productivity and forming potent partnerships with other participants, the latter yielded a more recreational experience, successfully learning kite surfing and sharing fun experiences in an unforgettable environment. What I loved most about both camps were the small and great injections of inspiration and know-how, sometimes during talks, sometimes in mastermind sessions or 1-on-1 with participants. The wealth of experience and intelligence created by freedom and self development oriented, talented people whose combined knowledge currently is entering new, breath-taking stages of accumulation is mind-boggling. Indeed I hope to see this potential grow yet much more, and as one community help tackle each other’s challenges with perfect ease.”


Romana Handler * Personal Development Muse & Coach, Graphic Designer specialized in Corporate /Online/ Identity & Personal Brands, Online Entrepreneur & Zumba-Teacher. Founder of “she’s on fire”, sharing knowledge & inspiration on her professional website romanahandler.at. Coach & Speaker on all topics of “How to create a world you love”. She loves traveling, nature & all kinds of exercise like surfing, dancing, climbing, biking and Yoga.

“What I loved most about DNX CAMP was: The great sense of community, our hearty co-working spirit, the natural sharing of knowledge and of course surfing! 100 % happy – we had both so much fun and made great progress on our projects. I really enjoyed the camp, it’s totally worth attending. If you want to be on fire, go for it!”

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Michelle Retzlaff, WordPress Expert & Developer
Runs a professional WordPress support service & blog called HootProof and also writes about life as a new digital nomad on her German blog Amelia’s Journey. Has just set out on her nomadic journey in August 2015 after quitting her software developing day job 3 months prior. On a mission to contribute to shaping the future of professional IT employment in Germany. Loves to discover spectacular landscapes as found in New Zealand and Scotland by bike or car and experience exotic wildlife in its natural habitat.

“During my first two days at DNX CAMP Lisbon I got more done than during the entire previous two weeks. The location was perfect and the organization just right – including inspiring talks and activities but without any obligations. I especially loved the mastermind session where I gained many new perspectives on my own business as well as other people’s challenges. The group consisted of people from a huge variety of backgrounds and experience levels which resulted in plenty of valuable and inspiring exchange. I feel like I have really built some meaningful relationships with the other participants and have grown as a person in a way I had never expected in just 10 short days.”



Marcia Monroe Merchant, Blogger, Bikram Yoga Travel Teacher, UEFA A-License Coach – www.allispossible.dewww.mentalsoccer.com Is writing on her Blog ALL is POSSIBLE about how to get dreams come true and teaches regular Bikram Yoga Classes in Bikram Yoga Studios.

She founded MENTAL SOCCER where she teaches Yoga to talented soccer teams combined with meditation and breathing exercises. She loves nature, yoga and connecting with interesting people.

“What I loved most at the DNX Camp was the amazing people, the knowledge that I heard there and the free time when we stood together in the sea or on the rock from Gibraltar.”

Rebekka Burch, Speaker, Coach and Telephone Rockstar – EntrepreneursInFlipFlops.com – Host of the Entrepreneurs In Flip Flops Show on ITunes, supporting people to go for their dream to be location-independent. Freelancing as a Sales-Consultant and in Telemarketing. Loves running, swimming, yoga and the beach.

“What I loved most about the DNX Camp was meeting great people, sharing experiences about projects and the nomadic lifestyle, and learning to kitesurf.”